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We’re solving business challenges through a multidisciplinary approach that seamlessly blends cutting-edge Engineering and Product Design with transformation at its core. We forge your ideas with the right set of people, processes and technology to deliver the market winning products you envisaged.

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We use product thinking frameworks to build future ready, cloud first product roadmaps. Following Lean Principles, we collaborate with you for creating Minimum Viable Products (MVP). Our Human Centred approach technology consulting is built to maximize impact and create value.

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Imaginetech is the world’s leading product engineering, innovation and talent solution provider. We are part of Talodyn Networks, 3 times certified Great Place to Work in India, and a Great Place to Work for Women, with over 2000 employees.

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Leaders, Visionaries, transformers

Sowri K

Founder & Director

Sriram Rajagopal

Founder & Director

Sanjay Anugula

President, Global Markets

Siva Ganesan

Chief Operating Officer

Madan Uppili Srinivasan

Chief Technology Officer

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06. 03. 22

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Sowri Krishnan

Chairman & Founder

A seasoned industry stalwart, Sowri has been exploring and adopting ways to infuse technology and innovation into everyday business. With close to three decades of experience in digital engineering, he has held various senior leadership positions at Cognizant and Cloudmed in the U.S. 

As a hands-on leader, Sowri has been successfully transforming business outcomes using cloud-native technologies and practices to transform organizations.  

Currently, he is the founder and board member of enterprises such as Diamondpick, CX Studios, 7th Century, PeerIslands, and Synergize Partners.

Sriram Rajagopal

Founder & Director

With rich experience in the Human Resources domain, Sriram’s expertise lies in powering the global talent supply chain. He conceptualized Imagine Tech, a new-age product engineering and talent on-demand company focused on digital transformation, commerce, and cloud. 

Possessing two and a half decades of experience in Human Resources, Sriram has led the global supply chain at Cognizant. While he co-founded Diamondpick, a firm specializing in providing talent solutions in 2017, he is also the Strategic Advisor at Revature, a technology talent development company. 

Sanjay Anugula

President, Global Markets

A passionate and prolific leader, Sanjay possesses a highly strategic mindset and in-depth knowledge of P&L Management, Startup Operations, Finance Sales, and Marketing. He is tasked with leading the strategic division of the organization and giving input on key business decisions. 

Having two decades of experience across sectors such as semiconductors, automotive, food, and e-commerce, Sanjay brings a wealth of expertise through his past leadership roles. 

He has an MS from Stanford University and his previous stints include working at organizations like Intel, Cognizant, General Motors, Amazon, and Eurofins. 

Siva Ganesan

Chief Operating Officer and Head, Human Resources

Dedicating his efforts towards building a business model that works for all at Imagine Tech, Siva Ganesan is popular for laying the foundation stone of many successful businesses with his farsightedness, and knack for execution. 

An expert at processing a high level of emotional intelligence, his outstanding HR skills enable him to deliver business results and assemble high-performance teams. 

Siva spent 14 years in New Jersey USA, spearheaded business operations, and scaled P&L to 750Mn in 6 years. Previously, Siva has been the Associate Vice President at Cognizant. 

Anand Krishnan

Chief Finance Officer

Adding momentum and strategic flow to the financial might of the company, Anand Krishnan is a passionate and self-motivated leader. With an aptitude for aligning risk and restructuring money goals, he has handled diverse financial portfolios including strategic planning, budgeting, controlling, accounting, MIS, auditing, taxation, costing and pricing. To streamline operations that can impact business growth and maximize profits, he has mastered astute financial and cost management. 

His previous stint includes working at Cognizant, UST Global, BNY Mellon, HCL, and ManpowerGroup.

Parasu Pillai I V

Vice President, Engineering and Delivery 

Parasu Pillai is best known for architecting complex strategic solutions for 23 years. At Imagine Tech, he exhibits strong engineering leadership by building new-age products for growth and development. He holds 9 US Patents in Cloud, Security and Mobile Technologies.

He has been instrumental in raising an open culture and an attitude of open-source
adoption across the developer community. He supports inner source strategy and a continuous learning process.

Before this, he spent 18+ years in Cognizant and delivered across the US, UK, Europe, and Australia.